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With Otaku Dating, the world's most popular free otaku dating app, you have thousands of people with your same selves right at your fingertips and they are all ready to meet someone just like you. Whether you're a gamer, cosplayer, geek or you belong to the Otaku community, the otaku tinder is here for you.

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What is Otaku Dating?

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Otaku Dating is a free app for lovers of anime, manga and videogames who are looking to meet new friends and get a date with people with whom they have common interests or among whom they have selected each other.


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In order to start a conversation with someone, they have to select each other, we call this “matching”. therefore a 'match' is when both people like each other or share common interests, flirting has never been so easy.

Super Match

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When you have really liked a person it allows you to make contact with someone without waiting for that person to like you, but you have to be careful and use this function wisely, because it is a valuable resource and it has a cost.

Why Otaku Dating?

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Because we are the first dating network with people who love anime, manga and videogames, you also do not have to worry about being handsome or popular, users have the possibility of buying contact with the person they like the most without the need to that have been selected mutually of course we prioritize kindness and respect, providing a safe online community for users to build new relationships.

Live the experience

There really is something for everyone at Otaku Dating. Do you want to live the adventure and there is no one who understands your lifestyle? What are you waiting for? Do you want to get into a relationship? you got it. Trying to find new friends? Do not say more. A new kid on campus and looking to get the most out of your college experience? Otaku Dating has you covered. We're not your average dating site, we're the most targeted dating app, where adults of all backgrounds are invited to live moments, make connections, make memories, and everything in between.

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